Oh how long I've been waiting for this game. This game is (in my opinion) the best game so far this year. The map is the largest the Farcry series has ever seen. The Montana wilderness paired with the spectacular graphics comes to make a beautiful map. The decision on the removal of towers was bold, but I actually liked it. There was a single time, and the person who sent you there said they wouldn't do it again. The guns were way more realistic than any other Farcry game. The one thing interesting about gun-play was almost any gun could kill normal guys in two hits. Actually thinking about it, sometimes if you shot someone during a animation, the hit wouldn't count. The story line was brave, to say the least. If the gun was set on a tropical island, it would be terrible. The way I can imagine a Christian cult take over Montana is weird.

What do I talk about know. Hmmmm. I'll just say stuff. I think the best added mechanic is flying. it is the least realistic helicopter flying, as the front is controlled by where you're looking. The plane flying on the other hand is great. I one point (Spoiler) threw a plane at John Seed. It was great. I parachuted out, and as I landed my plane exploded, killing John in the process. The other fights were pretty standard, mostly if you had the Spas-12 you could rush them and kill them, except for Faith. That was probably my second favorite. I liked dog-fighting with John, although the second time I killed him he just crashed into a tree. Farcry 5 is a 9 1/2 out of 10. Stupid micro transactions.