Because why not. Many people who will read this have definitely not played this. It is a very uncomplicated game, featuring 2 lines and a dot. It's kinda 2d ping pong. Actually it helps quite a bit with assessing angles, and at what angle you should hit the dot. The goal is hit the dot past player 2 (the other line). I believe it was on the Atari. It's sad that so many young people don't know what an Atari is. But back onto Pong. It features a simplistic color style of black and white.

Actually, for something so simple I love how it looks. It is so satisfying somehow. Just batting a dot about a screen is very nice. For full experience you need to play on a 1980s size TV. It will make everything feel more like the time period. I've just kinda run out of things to write, so this game is a 4 out of 10. Great step in gaming.

2 months ago
This is short.