Portal 2

Ohhhhh I love this game. It is a great puzzle game, with a fun concept. One picture actually sparked a debate about what would happen. I will include it in the pictures so tell me what you think would happen in the comments. B is the cube flying away. You cant see it. Many of the puzzles stumped me for a little while, which is good. It added fun to have to think outside the box. There were also some puzzles that I solved instantly, but were still fun. Some things, no matter how simple, make you feel very cool. If this game were in VR, it would most assuredly be one of the best, most nauseating game.

The portal gun is a great innovation in games, inspiring many other games to make their own interpretation of that system. You are limited to 2 portals at all times. You differentiate the portals by looking at the colors. Even with the different colors, I sometimes hit the wrong button and fired the wrong portal. Usually when that happens I blindly jump to my death. The game does feature a co-op mode, which Is actually quite cool. The two players control Atlas and Peabody, 2 Aperture robots that the main bad guy uses for testing. Oddly enough, since both players have portal guns, the most dangerous thing is having your partner move the portal at the last second. I would give this game 9 out of 10.

2 months ago
"Is anyone there?" Turret, just before you drop it into the abyss.
Helmet "Ethan F"
2 months ago that turrets blind