Knockout League VR

This game isn't a game, it's a workout. Well, I mean it is a game, but is is a extreme workout. I played this game this weekend, and my muscles are still sore. It hurts to play that much. It is a boxing game, that is really super realistic. It is a spectacular game. You need a lot of room to play this game, since you need to swing your arms, duck, and dodge. Blocking is also a thing, but it is really hard to do. Some characters (Crimson Fang) is annoying because she jumps into the air, and you cant block her. I beat the pro league, but the superstar league is impossible.

Now for the characters. The first real fight is a guy named Tri-Tip. He is a slow powerful guy who is pretty easy to beat. He throws pretty normal punches. Lots of dodging and your fine. The next is Barrage. She is faster. Her special ability is thrower many punches quickly. She is harder. You have to sometimes block, but still lots of dodging. The next is Volt. He kicks which isn't allowed in boxing. This is fight is a lot of ducking. Then Crimson Fang. She is a hard to beat person. This is a great game 8/10

Andrew Fraunfelter
2 months ago
Ugh. Killer work out. Lol.
1 month ago
I just beat this game.