Kingdom Come Deliverance

This game is very realistic. You need to eat, sleep, and bandage wounds when bleeding. It is very difficult to get into this game, but when you do, it is very fun. The game though takes many, many hours to get to the end. By the way, many hours is like 100. It is very long and difficult. The combat is very tough to learn, and mostly I just button mash. For a while I didn't even know there was a crouch button. There really is no tutorial. The plot is cliche. Kill some guy for some reason. I mean the political part is kinda original, but it really isn't talked about, except in the intro cutscene that occurs every time you boot up the game. I hate that.

The weird part is the skills. I really haven't learned what causes skills to increase. The charisma is determined on how you look, smell, and even the people you know. I do like the concept of when you fast travel, you have the chance bandits attacking you. Also, I do like that you can just become a highway man (a bandit that robs people on the road) and just kill or knockout random people on the road and steal their stuff. Furthermore, you can't sell stolen goods to just any merchant, you can pretty much only sell them to millers, which is sometimes annoying, but other times fun. Also, you need to learn pickpocketing from miller Peshec. You'll meet him eventually. Oh just remembered, a scale of how long this game is, in 2 hours I encountered the legendary title screen. Overall, this game is a 7 out of 10.

Andrew Fraunfelter
2 months ago
I'm still waiting to play this one!
Geoff Graybill
2 months ago
Sound like me I like Realistic games, but in the end .... “I just Button Mash” anyway Haha