Knockout League VR

This game isn't a game, it's a workout. Well, I mean it is a game, but is is a extreme workout. I played this game this weekend, and my muscles are still sore. It hurts to play that much. It is a boxing game, that is really super realistic. It is a spectacular game. You need a lot of room to play this game, since you need to swing your arms, duck, and dodge. Blocking is also a thing, but it is really hard to do. Some characters (Crimson Fang) is annoying because she jumps into the air, and you c...

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Farcry 5

Oh how long I've been waiting for this game. This game is (in my opinion) the best game so far this year. The map is the largest the Farcry series has ever seen. The Montana wilderness paired with the spectacular graphics comes to make a beautiful map. The decision on the removal of towers was bold, but I actually liked it. There was a single time, and the person who sent you there said they wouldn't do it again. The guns were way more realistic...

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"I used to be a adventurer like you, until I took a arrow to the knee." We all know what this came from, and many of you have probably played the game before. If you haven't you really should go buy it. If you are in to role playing games, Skyrim is one of the best. It is very fun for almost any type of gamer because you can play however you want. If you want to play a good guy you can. If you want to play a bad guy you can do that too. Now on...

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