Shadow Of Mordor

Spoiler alert:I love this game so much. Compared to all the other games, I've been playing this is one of the greatest. now to get to the map. A lot like Far Cry 3, the map is spilt into two sections. The first section is Mordor and the second section is the Sea Of Nurn. Each of these sections have towers you need to unlock to be able to fast travel to each area. The map is beautifully detailed, with mountains and flowers everywhere. There are strong holds in all sections of both maps, with orcs everywhere. Scattered around the map are small mission type things where you have to rescue slaves.

Onto the story. If you haven't read Lord of The Rings, this is the part where you leave. If your still here you've read Lord of The Rings. As you may have guessed the story is based off The Lord of The Rings. The game takes place sometime after The Hobbit, but before Fellowship Of The Ring. It's a great, but kind of generic story. The story is, of course vengeance based. Your family dies, and so you have to kill Sauron. The nemesis system is great, and actually had my attention through the entire game. Later on in the game you get a ability to turn orcs on your side. I spent a ton of time trying to turn orcs on my side. I give this game a 10 out of 10. Spoiler alert ended.