Video Games

Oh where to start with this one? How about the map. The map is great and much bigger than the last one. It's divided up into separate regions of Mordor. You start in the easiest zone (Duh) and work your way up to the hardest zone. I completely forget where you start, but I know the hardest place is Seregost. I like having to take over bases in every region, yet for some it will get boring. I also like the new nemesis system.

Now onto the story. For people who played Shadow of Mordor, the best part is the end is not a QTE. Other than that, the story is great. You still play as Talion, and of course Celebrimbor. They introduce some more characters, and I like almost all of them. Some of the quests are a little tedious, and at the same time mind-numbingly dull. I wish those quests were cut out.