"I used to be a adventurer like you, until I took a arrow to the knee." We all know what this came from, and many of you have probably played the game before. If you haven't you really should go buy it. If you are in to role playing games, Skyrim is one of the best. It is very fun for almost any type of gamer because you can play however you want. If you want to play a good guy you can. If you want to play a bad guy you can do that too.

Now on to the main story. As any game, some people like the main story, but some people don't. I personally think Skyrim had a good story. I have lots of free time on my hands, so I thought it was a good length of a story. I also like the lore of your character. I thought it was a good way to make you a main character, and make every npc to know you are the hero. Some of the gliches are bad but other than that Skyrim was a very good game. I would give Skyrim a 8 1/2 out of 10.