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Now you've done this (If you didnt, do it) I'll get onto the core mechanics. One of my least favorite things is the archery. At first the archery is almost impossible, but when you start to get used to it gets better. To do the archery, you must draw a hand back, and and let go. After getting over the archery you will need to learn the controls. I find the controls difficult to learn, yet some will find them easy. If you have been using PS move controllers for a while now, you will be the latter. As one of the people who have barely used the move controllers before this, I think that they are extremely hard to learn. After leaving for a while (a day) I completely forgot the controls. Even if you dont use the archery, the melee is kind of weird. Even if you dont try to swing, most likely you will. At one point I almost killed Jarl Balgruff just by turning my head. As the controls are odd, I give Skyrim VR a 8 1/2 out of 10.