Vive Vs Playstation VR

This is gonna be fun. For anybody who does not know what either one is, both are VR headsets. The opponets are HTC Vive vs Playstation VR.

Starting with Vive. Arguably the best VR headset, the Vive has excellent tracking, and great games. The downside is you must have a PC to be able to use one. Its much more comfortable than the PSVR, and also comes with controllers, instead of having to buy them separately. The Vive costs around $800 and has some weird and expensive add ons, but some are actually practical. One weird one was a $600 gun controller, and one practical one was a strap with built in headphones. Many people use the Vive, and the multiplayer games have a lot of players. The single player games are way bigger. The game devs have much more processing power to work with, and therefore make bigger and better games. The Vive is off to a good start.

Now onto the PSVR. The tracking is much worse, and has ruined some of the games. Although the tracking is bad some games actually run relatively well. I hope all of you reading this has a PS4 not Xbox One so you have the chance of getting a VR headset. Some of the games are on the Vive, but much better on the Vive. The bigger and more open world games lag, or do not look as good. A whole different processer comes with the headset just so it could work. The tracking is camera based rather than infared. The Playstation store is full of games, only some of them good. They have already released a whole different 2.0 version with different cords. Rather than packaging the controllers in the same container, you have to buy them separate. I don't know how much the PSVR costs, but it's probably less than the Vive.

Overall, if you have a Playstation the VR is still worth checking out, but I would rather have the HTC Vive.